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Alright motherfuckers, let me tell y'all about Swidden by Blackbird Raum. Do you like angry folk music? Do you like to rage against capitalism while invoking the favor of witches and Valkyries? Are you in the mood for something angry and acoustic and loud? Then have I got an album for you! Swidden is an album that I have listened to more times than I can count. It feeds my desire to listen to folk music that makes me want to hurl a brick at a wall street mogul, then bleed out in the woods after a firefight with the cops. I cannot stress how fucking sick this album is. Do you like banjo? By god you will have fucking banjo. Do you want songs to scream yourself hoarse to, but in a different way than mot screaming songs? This is your lucky day. Are you an angry, scared individual with nothing to your name but your rage and your fists, ready and willing to fight and die to take the world back from the greedy pigs that have driven out the old traditions in favor of sanitizing the world of all the wild spirits and those who would possess dangerous knowledge, leading to a life as a hermit in the woods, surrounded by the bare winter branches that reveal the long arms that poke and scratch and cut, their angry limbs made bare, stripped of the lush greenery by the cold world around them, in turn becoming a metaphor for your own wild and angry and dangerous heart stripped down to it's points and edges and sharpness by the coldness of the world? Me too, buddy. And that is what Swidden by Blackbird Raum is for.

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