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Portal is the "Rawr xD gimme attention!" game of 2007

Cringe shit


please do the rest of society a favour and become an hero


Look at the hot takes on this guy, eh?

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Hey guys, you played Fallout 76 yet? It's real fun and virtually bug free. It's on sale right now too, as a gift to our loyal fans! Isn't that swell? It's as fun as Skyrim!




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File: 1544470876135.jpeg (3.17 MB, 3024x4032, BEF56C5B-2FC3-48E4-B4FC-9….jpeg)

todd, have you been writing on the bathroom walls at my school

File: 1544406785913.jpeg (390.26 KB, 696x724, 5A77767A-CC24-49EE-B287-4….jpeg)


Do it please for your own safety oh god oh fuck


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File: 1544421600520.jpeg (31.27 KB, 180x180, F8B502A5-DF99-422D-8F42-F….jpeg)


this entire board is just todd howard shitposts

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Anybody Like Monster Hunter?


i don't know shit about it lmao

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